Web Accessibility
audit template

Simple tool for web accessibility review

a11y audit template allows you to prepare simple report on the web accessibility implementation on a testing website. It works like checklist, each point focus on different accessibility issue, provide a description with details and a11y hints. You can mark conformance evaluation, make comments on every point and export / import the results of your review. The app is quite well cached to make your work more comfortable. Check it out & enjoy!
This is the beta version of the application, we are working on it, improve and develop.

Import audit

Audit template's featured

a11y tips & tricks

Check out the Description of every audit's point, you find there detailed information, a11y tips and interesting links. It's still in develop process so stay tuned!

CSV import export

You can save your work by exporting it to csv file and get back to it using import csv option

Easy PDF export

Export to pdf option allows you to generate readable report. It is usefull to present the result to your PM, client or developer